Beginning Stained Glass in Lead Came

Beginning Stained Glass in Lead Came

This is the basic beginners class to learn how to do stained glass with the lead came technique.



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    This class builds on the skills learned in the beginning copper foil class. (However, beginning copper foil class is not mandatory.) It will serve as an introduction to working with lead came. You will further your glass cutting skills. Then you will learn and work with the three types of lead joints. Finally, you will solder your project together and glaze it. When finished, you will have a leaded panel.

    Week 1: Selecting, tracing, and cutting out you pattern of 20-25 pieces. Selecting your glass.
    Week 2: Continue on your glass cutting skills. Cut glass according to you pattern.
    Week 3: Start to lead came your project. You will learn how to work with lead with the three types of lead joints as well as other techniques.
    Week 4: Soldering your panel together and the glazing it. Add hangers and you have something stunning to hang in your home.


    Class fees and supply costs are listed with each class. You are required to pay the class fee at the time of registration. We realize that sometimes things happen and plans need to be changed. If you need to cancel, please contact us at least 7 days before the class begins and we will give you class credit (meaning your class fee can be applied to an upcoming class.) If you cancel less than 7 days before the class begins, you will lose 50% of your class fee and the other 50% will be given to you as class credit. Cancellations the day of or no shows will forfeit the class fee. PLEASE NOTE! There are no refunds for classes. Class credit is good for one year. USE IT OR LOSE IT! THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED FOR MOST OF THESE CLASSES​. Stained Glass Classes are designed to be completed in 4 sessions. If you are unable to complete you project in that time frame, then there will be an additional charge of $20.00/session. ALL projects need to be picked up in 30 days after the class ends or arrangements need to be made with the shop.